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We were born with wings

We were made to fly

Maximum Ride (Hybrid) // Maximum Ride

Credit: atrypical

cross the line;
max is the leader of a group of kids, their defender, and their mother. as their mother-figure, she'll often lie to them just to keep their spirits up. she's snarky to a fault, where she'll spit back in the face of someone who could kill her on the spot or alienate someone with it.

she hates to see someone picked on by a a bully, and most of her snark is aimed at those same bullies - the ones that made the first ten years of her life hell. she'll get into fights with people because they're picking on someone, and would rather teach them a lesson (and be hurt) than to see a weaker person dominated by a bully.

since she spent most of her life in a lab, max is actually socially stupid. she knows pop culture in her canon and uses it as references. when she interacts with humans, she's either obnoxiously suspicious of everything they say, or completely unaware of how to deal with them. speaking to a fellow student, he was talking normally, and max was under the impression he was interrogating her.

as much as max would deny it, she does have a soft side. she doesn't want to kill people if she can avoid it, and hates to be dressed in anything but tomboy clothes. oddly enough, she gets offended when people are surprised she's a girl.

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This is an RP journal for both rivelata and edensphere

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